Today is the one month anniversary of living in Boise!

fullsizerenderThis weekend was laid back and relaxed, which was really nice. We have been so busy every weekend since the move so laying low was just what I needed to recharge.

Saturday morning we hit the gym and made some breakfast at home. Later on, we got outside to embrace the sunshine, even though it was still pretty chilly here. Bry took me to the Boise Foothills which is not too far out of town and really convenient to get to. The Boise Foothills get you out in nature, and give you some clean fresh air with a beautiful view.

After hiking, we decided to reward ourselves with a beer and tasting tray at Boise Brewing. This was another brewery checked off the list. It seemed really small when you first walk in, but I was shocked at how big it actually is! There is a food stand set up right outside the door which is absolutely genius. After a sampling tray, I couldn’t resist some pretzel bites. Friendly staff, good atmosphere and even better beer. img_5313

After that, it was time to start some dinner. This recipe I found while watching the Food Network on a cold winter day in Seattle. It is a shrimp scampi with pull apart bread that is to die for. Try this recipe and you wont regret it.

Sunday morning. Let me tell you, I have never felt more grown up in my entire life. Bry woke up early and made us coffee as we watched HGTV. Fixer Upper of course. We went to church for the first time since I moved and then did a Sunday fun-day Costco run. We went in for two things and walked out with about 20… you know how that goes.

The rest of my Sunday is now being spent writing this blog and relaxing with Lola, my cat and Hank, my adopted dog son while Bry takes a nap.

Life is pretty good.



One thought on “Weekend

  1. Deanne says:

    I always look forward to your blogs! I love reading & seeing pics of what you are doing there & always look forward to actually seeing everything you blog about in person!


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