Home Decor & DIY

With so much time on my hands lately I have decided to start doing some much needed
FullSizeRenderdecorating and organizing in our home.When I moved to Boise, I essentially moved into a guy’s bachelor pad so it was about time to make it a “we” home. It has been really fun and exciting, but also a lot of hard work. The first project we embarked on together was making a herb and flower garden on our patio. We have a pretty small space, but enough room to place two planter boxes as well as a BBQ. Our herbs were grown in an AeroGarden that Bryant’s mom got us for Christmas. The herbs we grew in the AeroGarden include: Dill, Thai Basil, Parsley, Genovese Basil and Thyme. Then we went to Lowe’s and purchased Lavender and Chocolate Mint to compliment the others. We are now starting to grow some Red Heirlooms that we will add once they grow a bit. Along with all of our herbs, we bought flowers and a couple plants. To mark what we had planted, I made some DIY rock herb garden markers. So simple and easy. You just need rocks, a white chalk marker, and some clear sealer. This project can be done in under $5!

You can thank the Dollar Store for the next DIY succulent terrarium. The base as well as FullSizeRender (3)white rocks came from the Dollar Store. We had extra soil and succulents left over from our flower garden so I used them to make an inside plant that doubles as decor! With the leftover white rocks, I also filled in our $15 Palm plant from Walmart as well as a vase from the Dollar Store for some more home decor.

Above our TV, we have four cut outs. I have spent some time trying to figure out what to put up there. Finally I got some
inspiration and put together the perfect home decor. The wicker baskets cost under $5 from FullSizeRender (4)Marshalls, the Serendipity sign was handmade by my mom, the black with gold succulent planter and wooden geometric succulent planter were from Target for under $5 each, the vase with white rocks was from the Dollar Store that cost $2, and the concrete with copper accent was $4 from Marshalls. All together the new home decor for above the TV, was under $30! Simple is just the way I like it, and this couldn’t have turned out any better!

I look forward to decorating our home more as well as sharing my ideas and finds with you! Thanks for stopping by!


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