Pedals & Pints

Well here is another first! What has 4 wheels, 10 pedals, 15 people and all the beer/wine drinking you can think of!?

Pedals & Pints. Boise’s original pedal bar.

It was just as fun as it sounds. You are on a giant bike bar that seats 15 people and has
pedals so you can move around and bar hop. I personally thought that we didn’t really have to pedal that much and that there was a motor in the bar that drove you around. Boy was I wrong! You actually have to pedal and it is some serious butt burning work.

The great thing is that you don’t pedal for too long until you stop at a bar or brewery. We started at Payette Brewing, pedaled to Pre Funk Beer bar for our first stop. We all hopped back on and went to 10 Barrel Brewing then down the street to Whiskey Bar and Cactus Bar. By that time, we had to pedal back to Payette. Time flies when you are having fun!

TIP: You can only bring beer or wine on the bike, no hard alcohol. So my suggestion is getting shots at the bars, because 2 hours really does fly by. It takes too long to drink beer at a brewery and you have it on the bike anyways!

Tours are available 7 days-a-week during two-hour time slots. You can rent the entire bike like we did for $300 and when you have a full crew of 15 people, that is only $20 per person for a fun day in the sun drinking with your friends. Well worth it.

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my first experience with Pedals & Pints! We will definitely be doing a lot more of it this summer!

Be sure to follow Pedals&Pints on social media using their hashtags: #CyclePubBoise #DowntownBoise#PubTour


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