Boise Beer Buddies

Boise. Beer. Buddies.

Can it get much better than that?

When I started my blog, I tried to follow as many Boise companies as possible so I could start researching and exploring all Idaho has to offer. While on Instagram, I came across Boise Beer Buddies. You can only take a wild guess and know that they were posting about beer, one of my favorite ‘B’ words.


I went from Instagram to their website to see what they were all about. Craft Beer in Boise and Beyond is what they are all about. From their website, you can subscribe to receive weekly beer mail letting you know the latest beer news and events in the area. So what did I do? Of course I signed up!!! They do not spam you with unwanted emails, instead it is an email once a week updating you on events coming up.

It gets better.

You can become a Boise Beer Buddy. What is it you may ask? “Buddies” receive specials at “Buddy Hubs.” But wait, what are “Buddy Hubs?” These are participating breweries and resturants that give discounts for being a Boise Beer Buddy. Memberships are available for $20 anually. $20 gets you discounts and beer specials, “Buddy” pint nights, “Buddy” event VIP invites, and swag giveaways.

There is a huge list online showing all the discounts you receive as a “Buddy.” Here are a few of my favorites:

BELLA BREWING:  $1 Off First Beer

BOISE BREW BUS:  Use Code BoiseBeerBuddies to Save 15% Off Each Ticket


EDGE BREWING COMPANY:  10% Off Food & Drink

THE GROWLER GUYS:  (Meridian) $2 Off Growler Fills

LONG DROP CIDER: $1 Off First Pint


MyDD – My Designated Drivers:  $2 Off Driver Service

PAYETTE BREWING CO:  $1 Off First 20 oz Beer / $10 Pitchers on Wednesdays


PRE FUNK BEER BAR:  $10 Growler Fills any time $15 or Less

SOCKEYE BREWING COMPANY:  $3 Pints of the BIG SIX Beers  ALL THE TIME at Both Pubs

WOODLAND EMPIRE ALE CRAFT:  $1 Off Pints & Growler Discounts

A few weeks ago, they had a contest and all you had to do was use their hashtag
#boisebeerbuddies in your social media posts. Easy! I was fortunate enough to be one of the winners of the contest in which I became a “Buddy!” With me now officially a Boise Beer Buddy, it is time to put this to good use!

Huge shout out & thank you to the people over at Boise Beer Buddies!



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