The Springs in Idaho City

First let start off by saying, I am so sorry I have been MIA lately!

Life has been pretty busy the last month or so that I haven’t dedicated enough time to the blog. If you are still following along, thank you so much for being patient.

Recently I started a new job as an Editorial Content Writer at a local Boise company. Although I loved being a stay at home fur momma, I am so excited to be working for such a kick-ass company.

Now to the fun stuff.

This past Friday Bryant and I spontaneously planned a last minuet trip to Idaho City which is only 45 minutes away. Oh, and it has a population of 459.

IMG_6399Saturday morning we headed to The Springs which is a natural hot springs pool and retreat. Normally this place is booked a week to two weeks out, so us getting in on such short notice was nothing short of a miracle.

What is great about The Springs is that they limit the number of guests for any given day so you are guaranteed to have a relaxing time. If you are planning to go in the future, plan ahead!

Once you check in, you get a personal locker in the men’s or women’s locker room. Change into your favorite bikini (or a one piece in my case) and head out to the pool. There is one large pool that has two temperatures. Most of the time we just relaxed here!

There are drink and food menus as well as pool service. You can order beer or wine andIMG_6395 drink it in the hot springs which is pretty awesome. I have to admit… after being in the hot springs for a while and having two drinks, we were feeling pretty good.

If you want a change of pace, they have a few options for you. There is a hot tub, steam room, private soak rooms, and massages available as well.

We stayed in the hot springs from 12 pm until 3 o’clock and then headed about a minute down the road to our hotel (which ended up being a cabin!). This is a brand new seven room cabin called the Inn The Pines.

IMG_6404The room was SO NICE! It had a beautiful bathroom with a white subway tile shower, a big king bed, a view of the trees and forest as well as a coffee maker and fridge! The room had it all.

Right outside of our room we had a large deck with two wooden Adirondack chairs where we drank our new favorite sour beer and relaxed outside while enjoying a beautiful view.

For dinner, we went to one of the only restaurants in the town called Trudy’s Kitchen. We shared the prime rib special and was very pleased with our entire meal and service. Everything there was home made, just like momma would make it. They give you a little loaf of bread with honey butter (which was to die for) and their dinner salads were outstanding. This is not your typical dinner salad. Bryant had their home made ranch and I had their home made huckleberry vinaigrette. We may have also taken a home made slice of apple pie back with us (YUM).

Since the hot springs is an all day pass when you buy it, we decided to go back after dinner to relax. At night they have it lit with string lights and colorful pool lights. It is so hard to describe the relaxing atmosphere, you really have to go there yourself and see what it’s all about.

I love that Bryant and I had so much uninterrupted time together just talking. We talked about everything. Time flies when you’re having fun.

The rest of the night we relaxed, enjoyed some one-on-one time together, watched
movies, while drinking wine and putting on clay mud masks. We will definitely be going back to The Springs as well as Inn The Pines. Highly recommended.

Check out The Springs websiteFacebook & Inn The Pines hotel.


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