Styled by Julia at The Processing Bar

A couple months ago I entered into an Instagram contest through a local hair stylist, Julia Bolanos who works at The Processing Bar in Meridian and specializes in balayage.

When she reached one thousand followers on her Instagram she hosted a 1K Giveaway in which the winner won a free haircut and balayage.

Her next contest was when she reached two thousand followers. Thus resulting in a 2K Giveaway! At the time, I had just recently moved here and was still searching for a job. Obviously getting my hair cut and colored was not an option for me at the time.

I entered in the contest (as well as about 400 other people) not thinking I’d win or anything. Well… I didn’t win.


Why would I be writing this post to tell you how big of a loser I am!? I actually did win the contest and when I found out via Instagram I shame(lessly) shed a couple tears of happiness.

She’s a busy lady, but on Cinco de Mayo I finally was getting my hair done. Thank the good lord!

First off, The Processing Bar has the worlds most beautiful decor. Like you were looking straight out of a boho West Elm magazine. I was in love (heart eyes emoji).

Second, Julia is the worlds nicest person. She is so bubbly, thoughtful and fun to talk to. Plus she does a KILLER balayage. I have pretty thick hair, and it’s rather long so it took a while, but Julia makes sure you are always comfortable and even brought me coffee to sip on.

After she styled my hair, she turned the chair around and I was speechless. My hair looked AMAZING. I was so shocked with how perfect my hair looked. The color was a perfect ashy blonde and it all blended flawlessly.

If you live in the Boise area, you have to check her out. She is a hair god.


Follow her on Instagram:

The Processing Bar on Instagram: @theprocessingbar


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