About Me

13516450_10154368274392764_6827309625231121125_nOh, hi there!

My name is Mariyah Ashmore and I am 26 years young. Yes, I have heard of Mariah Carey and no, I was not named after her.

I launched this blog in January of 2017 to explore my new home in Boise, Idaho. Exploring Idaho will help me get out and see all this great state has to offer. If you love brunch, bloody mary’s, beer, outdoor activities, hiking and supporting local businesses as much as I do, you’ll feel right at home here. My goal is to share my favorite spots in Idaho as I discover┬áthem and hope that you will check ’em out too!

A little more about me…

Chapter 1 of my story beings in Centralia, WA where I was born and raised by my wonderful parents (and best friends) Kim and Deanne. I am a small town girl at heart (who later moved to the big city) and a daddy’s girl.

Chapter 2 took me to Ellensburg, WA where I graduated with a BA in Psychology from Central Washington University.

Chapter 3 took me to West Seattle where I worked as a Social Media Community Manager at Brooks Sports, Inc. and lived a short walk away from beautiful Alki Beach & the Seattle skyline.

Chapter 4, and the most exciting thus far, took me on an adventure of a lifetime and brought me to Boise, Idaho in January of 2017.

I never believed in love at first sight, that after meeting someone once, you would fall in love. But my soul knew I was going to love Bryant for the rest of my life after just one glance. It seemed like this was the start of a new journey, but it felt like I was finally going home.

Our home is occupied by my cat, Lola, who loves to play fetch and Bryant’s dog, Hank, a Papillon who loves to chase squirrels. I’m still working on getting a golden retriever puppy so stay tuned.

On August 25th, 2017 Bryant proposed to me at Jump Creek Falls so we are in the midst of planning our wedding. It’ll be in Centralia, WA (my hometown) on October 13th, 2018. Exciting things happening.

If you are following along with me on my adventure make sure to stop by & say HELLO!