Principia CrossFit

As I type this — every muscle in my body is SORE. But it’s #WorthIt.

With about 8 months to go until our wedding day, Bryant and I decided we needed a lifestyle change.

Before I ever started CrossFit, I had an idea of what I thought it was.

I thought I’d be judged for not being in shape. I thought girls wore short booty shorts and sports bras to show off their perfectly toned bodies. I thought that I’d feel intimidated. I thought that I’d feel stupid doing the exercises. I thought I wouldn’t be good enough or athletic enough. And so on.

Sure, I’d say I’m somewhat athletic (Bry would beg to differ) but I always felt scared to walk into a CrossFit gym for whatever reason.

Man… I was I wrong.

At Principia CrossFit, I’ve never once felt intimidated in the class. This gym is made up of people of all shapes and sizes and athletic levels. Any workout can be scaled to your fitness level. THANK GOD.

Plus, everyone is extremely encouraging, supportive and kind. You’ll feel welcome the first time you join a class.

We started out with a Laws of Motion class at Principia CrossFit to learn the correct techniques and movements so we wouldn’t hurt ourselves when lifting in class.

Who knew that we’d been squatting or doing lunges the incorrect way for so many years?!

I’ve had knee pain in both my knees from many years playing select soccer growing up. So when I’d go to the gym to do squats or lunges — I couldn’t. My knee pain would be so bad that I couldn’t do more than 10 reps.

Through this class, we learned the proper techniques for lifting and I am so thankful for our coach Chris. Now, I don’t have knee pain when doing lunges or squats.

Heck — just the other day I did 60 squats in a row and had zero knee pain. #Score

It’s a small group setting and it’s a great way to meet people who are new to CrossFit and are at the same starting point you’re at. I highly recommend taking this class before diving straight into CrossFit (you can thank me later).

The Laws of Motion class is five one-hour sessions in a two week period.

Mitch, the owner and coach is not only super knowledgeable — but he gives you one-on-one attention and training almost every day. He’s the man.

I am now proud to say that I do CrossFit and I love it!

It’s worth every early morning — waking up at 5:30am to make it to the 6am class.


Because we both already see results. Not just physical results but mental and emotional results as well.

There’s classes all day so there’s literally no excuse for not getting your workout in. If you ever wanna come take a class, let me know! You can try out a class completely free.

I’d love to meet you and show you the best CrossFit gym in the Treasure Valley.

Check out Principia on Instagram, Facebook or their website and blog!


Engagement Photos By: Victoria Davidson

I’m (still) obsessing over our engagement photos. The beautiful, talented and kind-hearted Victoria Davidson took our photos on the Bogus Basin hillside.

She is the sweetest soul you’ll ever meet and instantly made Bryant and I feel comfortable in front of the camera. We get camera shy (and super awkward) most of the time, but she has a way of making you feel relaxed and confident.

I mean… sometimes forgot she was even there. It was if Bryant and I were in our own world and that’s exactly what she captured.

If you want portraits, family photos, engagement photos… you name it — she’s your girl.

We are super excited to do another session with her in the snow (if we get any) and I’ll be sure to share those photos with you guys!

Give her a follow.



You know I love local businesses so I wanted to give a shoutout to Böhme where I got this GORGEOUS dress and Rachelle who did my spray tan! If you’re looking for a perfect spray tan for any occasion, you gotta get Sun Kissed By Rachelle. She’s amaze.

Dress: Böhme

Spray Tan: Sun Kissed By Rachelle


The Best Day of My Life


I was packing up all our camping gear for the weekend. Bry had this camping trip to Red Fish planned for a few months with a group of our friends.

We were all packed up and ready to go. Then, someone decided we needed to make a pit stop at Jump Creek Falls. Thinking nothing of it, we hiked right into Jump Creek Falls with our friends who “had never been there.”

A little back story… Jump Creek Falls is the first place Bry took me the first time I flew in from Seattle to Boise to see him. And it also happens to be the place where I realized that I loved him (but never told him or anyone else for that matter).

As I was looking at the waterfall, he tells me that this spot is where he fell in love with me and knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I kinda rolled my eyes at him and was like “uh-huh.”

Just as I turned to look at him to give him a kiss, he dropped to one knee and the man of my dreams asked me to marry him.

It felt as if I blacked out for a hot second and it was just him and I alone in that moment. I was in shock! I had NO IDEA that he was planning on proposing or even thinking about it for that matter. To no surprise, I obviously said YES!

As if a perfectly executed surprise proposal wasn’t enough… I got to our friends house only to be surprised (yet again) by my mom and dad, his dad and stepmom, his mom, his sister and her boyfriend and his half brother — along with all of our Boise friends for an engagement party!

He pulled off this entire weekend that he’d been planning for months — flying everyone in from Washington and Oregon for a surprise engagement party. I couldn’t believe it. How did I not know about any of this?! Apparently, I’m an easy person to surprise.

We laughed, we cried and had a wonderful time that night.

Just to top off the weekend, my dad rented a pontoon boat for us all to go out on Lucky Peak lake all day. It was a day spent celebrating, swimming, BBQ-ing and drinking… it was hands down the best weekend of my entire life.

Oh, and the ring he had custom made from Diamonds Fine Jewelry here in Boise was simply stunning. He did (real) good.

It’s still setting in that we are actually engaged and planning a wedding! But I am so blessed and so thankful that I get to spend the rest of my life with my person.


I’m Back!

Worst blogger ever. I know.

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write a new post. Why — you may ask?

As you all know, I started this blog when I moved from Seattle to Boise and was unemployed. I literally had nothing else to do, so I started writing about experiences and adventures in this new town.

Well since then…

1. I became a full-time Editorial Content Writer (along with Social Media planning and moderating) at the Krazy Coupon Lady in April. I literally write EVERYDAY. So when I come home at night, the last thing I really want to do is sit and write more. I prefer a little Netflix & Wine to unwind from my day.

2. We’ve traveled out of state to 8 weddings this past summer. I swear we were gone every single weekend for like four months.

3. I am in the middle of planning my own wedding (YAY!) that’s also out of state.

It’s been a pretty hectic year to say the least. The next few posts are going to just update you on everything that’s been going on. Starting with… MY ENGAGEMENT!


Obsessing over Perfectly Whipped

Guys — I have an addiction and it’s called Perfectly Whipped.

I’ve shared this local gem with you before, but my love is stronger than ever. If you want Lush quality without paying their outrageous prices, you’ve gotta try these bath bombs out.

These bath bombs cost anywhere from $2 to $4 and the most expensive (and HUGE) bath bomb is $6. Not too shabby, eh?

Oh — and if you live in the area, she will hand deliver it to your doorstep for free! Your wallet and skin will thank you.

Anyways, I’m about to hop in the bath to enjoy my rose bath bomb.


Make sure to check out my Instagram page for pictures!

Perfectly Whipped website:

Exploring Idaho Blog Instagram: @exploringidahoblog


National Rosé Day & Life Updates

As always, life has been so busy!

At the end of May, Bryant and I took a road trip to Seattle for the third annual Urban Hike. This is where I randomly met him one year ago (as of Sunday, June 11th).

His friends put on this hike through Queen Anne, Fremont, Ballard, Downtown Seattle and ending at Safeco Field. Total mileage through the city was about 13 miles.

Trust me, my feet were killing me by the end of the night.

After that weekend, we drove to Bend, Oregon to help his mom move out of her house. While most of the weekend was spent moving and whatnot, we did find some free time to go drink beer (our favorite thing to do) and even got to hike the stunning Smith Rock.

If you ever get a chance, you need to go to Bend. It’s my favorite place to visit.

The following weekend we then flew BACK to Seattle, then drove down to Centralia where my parents live. We hit up my favorite restaurants back home and our home town brewery, Dick’s Brewing.

Then Sunday before we headed back to Boise, we caught a Mariners game with my parents and enjoyed that beautiful PNW weather.

This was the first weekend back home since I moved and it was much needed.


Here we are present time.

This past weekend we were actually at home for once which was really nice. We had some yard work and cleaning to do inside that was much needed.

Saturday was National Rosé Day and of course I love any excuse to go out and drink wine. It was also our unofficial “meet-iversary” so even better.

What I love about being here in Boise is that I really get to explore and find new places to try out. And 99.9% of the time, Bryant hasn’t even been to these places so we really get to explore together.

The first stop was at Coiled Wines and their new space is absolutely remarkable. The décor sets the perfect mood for sipping on some rosé. I enjoyed all of the wines we tried and definitely will be taking some friends back to show them this spot.

Our next stop took us to Telaya Wine Co. This space sits right on the Boise river, has a killer outdoor patio area and is even dog friendly! We had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with one of the owners and wine-maker Carrie Sullivan. She was so sweet and you can tell how much her and her husband love what they do.

Telaya hosts a ton of events and every Thursday which they call “Thirsty Thursday” they stay open late until 9pm, have live music on the patio, a food truck on-site, and of course — wine. We will definitely be attending a Thirsty Thursday once it gets warmer!

Both of these spots were unique and had some really great wines. We will definitely be going back and sharing these new spots with our friends and family.

As far as the rest of Saturday night…

We went to Split Rail for a bottle of rosé, then downtown to Tiki Bar (which has the coolest rooftop), The Mode for specialty cocktails, Prost! for some German beers, then ended our night at The Brickyard which is a dueling piano bar.

Sunday was a day of rest and recovery.

As for the rest of our summer — it’s gonna be a busy one!

This coming weekend we are going camping in Stanley, Idaho, a wedding in Bend the following weekend, back to Bend the first weekend in July for a wedding, a trip to Pendleton, Oregon for Bryant’s grandpa, his dad’s 50th birthday party in July… Ahhhh!!!

I will try to write after our camping trip, but then I’m gonna be a little MIA in July as I try to make it through this crazy wedding season.

Well — That’s all for now.

Thanks for following along!

Styled by Julia at The Processing Bar

A couple months ago I entered into an Instagram contest through a local hair stylist, Julia Bolanos who works at The Processing Bar in Meridian and specializes in balayage.

When she reached one thousand followers on her Instagram she hosted a 1K Giveaway in which the winner won a free haircut and balayage.

Her next contest was when she reached two thousand followers. Thus resulting in a 2K Giveaway! At the time, I had just recently moved here and was still searching for a job. Obviously getting my hair cut and colored was not an option for me at the time.

I entered in the contest (as well as about 400 other people) not thinking I’d win or anything. Well… I didn’t win.


Why would I be writing this post to tell you how big of a loser I am!? I actually did win the contest and when I found out via Instagram I shame(lessly) shed a couple tears of happiness.

She’s a busy lady, but on Cinco de Mayo I finally was getting my hair done. Thank the good lord!

First off, The Processing Bar has the worlds most beautiful decor. Like you were looking straight out of a boho West Elm magazine. I was in love (heart eyes emoji).

Second, Julia is the worlds nicest person. She is so bubbly, thoughtful and fun to talk to. Plus she does a KILLER balayage. I have pretty thick hair, and it’s rather long so it took a while, but Julia makes sure you are always comfortable and even brought me coffee to sip on.

After she styled my hair, she turned the chair around and I was speechless. My hair looked AMAZING. I was so shocked with how perfect my hair looked. The color was a perfect ashy blonde and it all blended flawlessly.

If you live in the Boise area, you have to check her out. She is a hair god.


Follow her on Instagram:

The Processing Bar on Instagram: @theprocessingbar